Sunbreeze MIDI Pack Vol 4

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'Sunbreeze Vol 4 MIDI PACK' from Nano Musik Loops features another Trance MIDI construction kits & FL Studio Project with a feel good hypnotic sound and club feel for you to get your teeth into. Once again, the label brings you a straight-forward project for FL Studio with two external plugins.


If you enjoyed the first two volumes or if you just want to use this one as a standalone, it's all ready to show you the ropes of the FL Studio music-making process. This pack delivers MIDI files for Trance producers who want to learn more about FL Studio with top-quality content. Use the MIDI and parts as a start to your new remix and add your own elements and vocals.


Product Details:


• 1 FL Studio 20 Project

• Key Labelled


• 8 MIDI Files (Lead, Pad, Pluck, Piano & Bass)

• PC/Mac Compatible

• 100% Royalty-Free


 FL Studio 20 Template:

• 9 MIDI Channels

• 31 Mixer Channels (With Pre-Master Patcher Preset on Master Channel)

• 21 Sounds (Drums & FX)


Plugins Used:

• Sylenth1 V.3.0.4

• Spire V.1.1.15


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