Orchestral Uplifting Trance Melody MIDI PACK

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' Orchestral Uplifting Trance Melody MIDI PACK' by Nano Musik Loops features the best melodic elements for your epic orchestral Trance productions. These MIDI kits are perfect for Melodic, Epic, Uplifting and Progressive Trance styles. These fantastic Kits include drums, strings, horns and vocal pads to make your tracks come alive. Whether you're composing thrilling film scores or adding some extra musical excitement to your Ambient, Pop or Trance track, the 'Cinematic Strings' series will deliver a sophisticated and emotive edge to your productions. All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free. Once you have purchased this product, you can use the loops in commercial productions at no extra cost. Plugins Required: • Sylenth1 V. • Nexus 2 V.2.7.4 (XP Hollywood,) • Olympus Elements (Choir) Product Details: • 5 MIDI Construction Kits • 40 MIDI Loops (String Pads, String Solos, Bass, Piano & Choir Pads) • 134 BPM • 5 FLP Demo Projects • 100% Royalty-Free • PC/Mac Compatible • 100% Royalty-Free • Key Labelled

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