nanoTrance Piano Melody MIDI Pack Vol 1

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'nanoTrance Piano Melody MIDI PACK Vol 1' from Nano Musik Loops features ten emotional piano MIDI Construction Kits. Use the loops & MIDI as a start to your new remix, add your own elements and vocals and go wild, the possibilities are endless. About MIDI: Using the supplied MIDI files you can assign any of the musical phrases found in this pack to your favourite synth or sampler. MIDI is effectively only instructional data, so you can change the pitch and tempo to any extent you like with no artefacts. Royalty-Free: All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free. Once you have purchased this product, you can use the loops in commercial productions at no extra cost. Product Details: • 5 MIDI Construction Kits • 50 MIDI Files (Pad, Bass, Piano Melody, Chor Line) • PC/MAC Compatible • 90 BPM

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