nanoTrance Orchestral Trance Vol 3 MIDI PACK

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'nanoTrance: Orchestral Trance Vol 3 MIDI PACK ' brings you 5 masterclass MIDI Construction Kits by Nano Musik Loops featuring Orchestral strings to give you that incredible epic vibe for your next trance productions. Whether you're composing thrilling film scores or adding some extra musical excitement to Ambient, Pop, Trance any other genre, this bundle will deliver all of the emotional elements you need. Product Details: • 5 MIDI Construction Kits • 35 MIDI Loops (Strings, Piano, Trance Pad, Trance Lead, Bass, Violin, Horn) • 136 BPM • 5 FL Studio 20 Demo Templates • 8 MIDI Channels • 12 Mixer Channels (With Pre-Master Patcher) • 4 WAV Sound (Drums & SFX) • 2 Sylenth1 Presets (1 Pad & 1 Lead Pluck) • Key Labelled • 100% Royalty-Free Plugins Used: • Sylenth1 V.3.0.5 (Trance Pad & Trance Lead) • Olympus Elements • Sonivox EightyEight Piano • Nexus V.2.7.4 (XP Hollywood) • PC/MAC Compatible

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