nanoTrance: Classic Trance Chords Vol 1

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'nanoTrance: Classic Trance Chords Vol 1' by Nano Musik Loops features 25 Trance MIDI Construction Kits for your inspiration. 25 stunning lead riffs and pads merge into your next trance track. This pack contains a great collection of pads, leads, plucks and basslines designed to rock your tracks. Each of these unique elements has been designed to slide easily into your existing tracks as well as into your next production. Use the MIDI files to achieve a more personal sound for quicker results. Using the supplied MIDI files you can assign any of the musical phrases found in this pack to your favourite synth or sampler. MIDI is effectively only instructional data, so you can change the pitch and tempo to any extent you like. Product Details: • 25 MIDI Construction Kits • 100 MIDI files • Key & Tempo Labelled • 100% Royalty-Free

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