Melancholic Drops

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'Melancholic Drops' by Nano Musik Loops is a MIDI compilation of summer melodies with 3 FL Studio demo project with, 30 MIDI Melodies in 3 chord progressions. This melancholic hypnotic melodies is perfect for producers focused on Tropical House Music. This pack delivers a collection of MIDI files. Use the MIDI parts as a starting point for your new remix and add your own elements and vocals. Using the supplied MIDI files you can assign any of the musical elements in this pack to your favourite synth or sampler. Plugins: • Sylenth1 V.3.0.4 Product Details: • 3 FL Studio 20 Demo Project • 39 MIDI files (30 Melodies, 3 Pads, 3 Chords & 3 Basses ) • Key Labelled • PC/Mac Compatible • 5 MIDI Channels • 6 Audio Channels, • 7 Sounds (Drums and FX) • 100% Royalty-Free

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