Emotional Choir Chord MIDI Pack Vol 1

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'Emotional Choir Chord MIDI Pack Vol 1' by Nano Musik Loops features the new best melodic elements for your epic Trance productions. These MIDI loops are perfect for Melodic, Epic, Uplifting and Progressive Trance styles. This pack provides 10 MIDI construction kits and 40 MIDI files total with 1 FL Studio Demo Project that are perfect for creating your next Uplifting Trance stormers. Product Details: • 40 MIDI Loops • 10 MIDI Construction Kits (Pads, Bass, String Melodie & Lead Pluck) • Key Labelled • 1 FLP Demo Project • 100% Royalty-Free Plugins: • Sylenth1 V.3.0.67 • Spire V.1.1.15 • Nexus 2 ( XP Hollywood ) • ArtsAcoustic Reverb • S1 Imager Stereo • Ozone 8 (Mastering)

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